Why we collect Cooking Oil

Why Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil aka UCO has proven to be the crucial element in manufacturing bio-fuel, namely biodiesel.t is also a renewable energy that can come as a volition to petroleum energy

Procurement Of Uco In The Industries

Our area of procuring UCO’s majorly covers Hotels, schools, churches, theme parks, airports etc.

What Types Of Cooking Oil We Collect

Oil that we collect tend to be all the kind of used cooking oil and we use a multistage filtration process to filter the oil.Conclusively we use it to produce biodiesel as per the industry standards.

In What Condition The Oil Expected

The state of cooking oil can be of any condition. For instance, after used cooking oil is collected.

Our Process

Customer reaches out to Uranus Oil


Incase if any person has more than 25 Litres of Used Cooking Oil, they can directly reach out to us through Phone / Whatsapp / Website or Email.

Our representative gets in touch


Once we receive an intimation from a customer regarding the availability of Used Cooking Oil.

Recurring availability of Used Cooking Oil


In case if the customer says they will get used cooking oil on a recurring basis.


We pay and Procure

Our procurement team will collect the used cooking oil with a clean and hygienic procedure at the customer's location.



With our fleet vehicles, we collect used cooking oil from various customers across cities and towns, as per FSSAI's guidelines.


Conversion into Biodiesel

When we procure quantity of 12 tons, we send a message to our partner biodiesel manufacturer.

About Us

At Uranus Oil, we provide the best used cooking oil collection service while focussing sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. We have been working with restaurants across the South India, collecting their used oil and paying them for procuring the waste cooking oil.

We are authorised aggregators of Used Cooking Oil enrolled under FSSAI RUCO program. Uranus Oil provides the best used cooking oil collection service in Tamil Nadu.

Our Clients

If you have any questions, Feel free to contact us



We appreciate Uranus Team’s efforts to promote circular economy and recycle waste. They
have ethical approach towards disposal of wastes”
- Mr.Kumar, Manager of five star hotel in Chennai.


Team Uranus Operates with professionalism and Transparency. Their team disposes our
waste in efficient manner and makes us hassle free payment instantly”
- Mr.Vishwa, FBO based in Bangalore


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