Customer reaches out to Uranus Oil

Incase if any person has more than 25 Litres of Used Cooking Oil, they can directly reach out to us through Phone / Whatsapp / Website or Email.

Our representative gets in touch

Once we receive an intimation from a customer regarding the availability of Used Cooking Oil, our operations team will immediately contact the customer and get further details about the location of the customer and the quantity available with them. Our team will also enquire whether they will have used cooking oil on a recurring basis or not.

Recurring availability of Used Cooking Oil

In case if the customer says they will get used cooking oil on a recurring basis (say if the customer runs a restaurant or is a part of household that generates used cooking oil on a regular basis), they will be entered in our database and our partnership program and we will provide a safe used cooking oil collection kit along with a container for them.

We pay and Procure

Our procurement team will collect the used cooking oil with a clean and hygienic procedure at the customer's location, and will pay the satisfactory procurement price to the customer depending on the weight of the used cooking oil collection. Price of Used cooking oil is internationally measured on per Kg basis.


With our fleet vehicles, we collect used cooking oil from various customers across cities and towns, as per FSSAI's guidelines. We store the collected oil in tanks in a well protected and well ventilated space.

Conversion into Biodiesel

When we procure quantity of 12 tons, we send a message to our partner biodiesel manufacturer. The Biodiesel manufacturer takes care of the transportation of Used cooking Oil to their Industrial unit and ensures that the Used cooking Oil is converted into clean Biodiesel adhering to industrial standards.

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