Why Used Cooking Oil?

Used cooking oil UCO has proven to be the crucial element in manufacturing bio-fuel, namely biodiesel. It is also a renewable energy that can come as volition to petroleum energy. We as an organization are helping our nation in converting UCO to Biodiesel by reducing foreign crude imports. On the other side, we cover the health of the public by consuming reused cooking oil which will lead to varied health hazards. Bio-diesel is nontoxic and biodegradable when compared to fossil energy, which is ameliorated from crude oil; bio-diesel combustion produces smaller air adulterants similar as particulates, carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, and air poisonous. Cooking oil can be successfully converted into biodiesel by the means of a simple chemical response. The use of bio-fuel as a substitute for petroleum diesel is an extravagant solution to the inescapable global issues regarding energy deficit and environmental pollution. For both economic and environmental friendly reasons, enforcing used cooking oils for biodiesel products has gained a significant quantum of consideration within the world of energy products.

What Types Of Cooking Oil We Collect?

Oil that we collect tend to be all the kind of used cooking oil and we use a multistage filtration process to filter the oil. Conclusively we use it to produce biodiesel as per the industry standards

In What Condition The Oil Expected?

The state of cooking oil can be of any condition. For instance, after used cooking oil is collected, the next step is supposed to be the refinement which in fact is the decisive phase of our process. Here the used oil is usually full of impurities, such as scraps, excess water, bread crumbs, and other leftovers. These contaminants must be filtered out thoroughly, as a result they don’t interfere with the conversion process.

Government Initiative

Our Indian Government has launched the program called RUCO (Repurposed Used Cooking Oil) under Food Safety Standards Authority of India. Under this program, it is clearly explained that cooking oil should not be reused, and it should initiate effective procedures to transform into alternative fuel (Biodiesel). Now, this will help UCO converted into Biodiesel which avoids UCO re-usage in food chain and reduce our country imports of conventional diesel. On a fair basis, FSSAI RUCO authorizes the Biodiesel Manufacturers across India and each Biodiesel Manufacturers can appoint UCO aggregator under them to collect the UCO from their state.

Pricing Model

Our company offers UCOs at an affordable cost with the price structure being based-on volume, quantity, location and brand.

Procurement Of Uco In The Industries

Our area of procuring UCO’s majorly covers Hotels, schools, churches, theme parks, airports, food manufacturing facilities, fast food joints, local businesses and every other genuine source where the UCO is available in abundance

Our Procurement Process

Who can be the vendor?

Our major contributors of used cooking oil are generated from supermarkets, hotels, schools, churches, theme parks, airports, food manufacturing facilities, local businesses and every other genuine source of Used Cooking Oil and we send it for bio diesel manufacturing

Vendor Reach out

We reach out to the vendors as we receive a request from the customer regarding availability of Used Cooking Oil. Eventually, with an immediate effect our operations team will contact the customer and get additional information about the customer’s location and the quantity available with them. Our expertise from Uranus oil will reach to any individuals, restaurants & hotels which has more than 25 Liters of unessential Used Cooking Oil, they can directly reach out to us through Phone call / WhatsApp / Email. Our logistics person will come directly and collect the oil

Recurring contracts based on the availability

The customers who wish to get used cooking oil on a recurring basis, they will be shortlisted in our database of esteemed customers and our partnership program. For those set of customers we provide an extremely safe used cooking oil collection kit stored in a container for them. As a part of regular practice, our team of expertise follows clean & hygienic protocols that involves collection of used cooking oil at the customer's location and will pay them the satisfactory procurement price depending on its weight and will check the procurement of (.900 to .910) percentage of oil quality. The price of Used cooking oil is based on international measurements per Kg involving the volume, Quantity, Location and Brand

Our Documentations Procedure & Formalities (Mou)

The following terms will be presented in our company's MOU (Agreement Between Uranus and Customer)

Hereby uranus agree to procure the entire quantity of UCO (Used Cooking Oil) generated from vendors regularly based on their capacity.

We shall directly collect the UCO from the vendors through our own transport as per defined collection frequency.

We shall fix the desired unit price for UCO per kg based on volume, location and brand of customer

We offer our payment terms through online mode for the full value of the consignment instantly or a worst case scenario 48 hours from procurement of UCO

We will provide the government authorized RUCO labelled customized empty containers for the collection of UCO.

The containers that are filled with collected UCO are sealed and kept safely under strict hygienic conditions as per government safety standards.

Hence this agreement is Mutually agreed upon by both the parties

The agreement signed between both the parties & the further period shall be subsequent on the mutual.

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