What is Used Cooking Oil used for and what can you do with it?

Cooking oil is essential in home kitchens and commercial kitchens alike because it is used in a wide variety of cooking. Once used for cooking, the oil becomes used cooking oil. In homes, simply disposing of cooking oils down the drain is a bad idea because the oil will harden in the drain and cause a clog. In commercial kitchens, the large volume of cooking oil must be dealt with using proper equipment so that the used cooking oil is deposited into a holding tank. It is very important to ensure that used cooking oil is collected and recycled properly to help protect the natural environment.Our company collects used cooking oil from restaurants, supermarkets and other food service establishments and sends it to production of biodiesel.

How do I select a used cooking oil service provider?

In toda's culture of social responsibility,it pays to make sure the company picking up your oil is a worthy partner with the resources to do its job well, will be there long term, will invest in your success and use your cooking oil in a sustainable manner. FSSAI has authorized a list of Used cooking oil aggregators in order to collect, aggregate and supply the used cooking oil to biodiesel companies. Uranus Oil, is FSSAI authorized used cooking oil aggregator in India. Our Uranus Oil is regarded as the best used cooking oil aggregator in India and has presence in various parts of the nation.

How much used cooking oil is generated in a year?

In India, the used cooking oil will generate more than 3.1 Million Tons in 2021 according to the IMARC Group. Further, the UCO generated can be expected to reach 3.9 Million Tons by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 3.40% during 2022-2027.

What happens to my used cooking oil after it’s picked up from my store?

After our service tech has removed the used cookingoil from your store, we take it to one of our several aggregation centers where UCO is stored in a systematic way and sent for biodiesel production, one the volume is achieved

How is used cooking oil recycled?

Once it is at our facility, it is put throughstrainers to remove contaminants, heated to remove water and kill off any pathogens, and marketed as a commodity whose value is tracked and published daily. From there, the refined material is shipped by truck or selective transportation mode to our Pan Oleo Energy Diesel plant located in Tamil Nadu. We also have regional Biodiesel manufacturing partners all across India.

Why recycle used cooking oil?

Rather than asking how to dispose of used oil,think in terms of how it can be recovered and reused. Some restaurants believe that their used cooking oil can be poured down the drain. Drains clog, and greasy garbage smells even worse than regular garbage. Instead, restaurant managers should think in terms of used cooking oil collection and recycling

They are many advantages to doing this:

  • Improve your curb appeal (bad smells don't encourage a customer's appetite)
  • Using already cooked oil for cooking again can lead to several health hazards in the long run for the consumer.
  • Save your kitchen drains and plumber bill
  • Avoid fines and down time if your used cooking oil trap should overflow from clogged used cooking oil in the pipes
  • Realize the potential of rebates for your used cooking oil Know you are helping the planet by helping to recycle otherwise unusable material into something of value
  • Support your company's sustainability goals
Can you recycle any type of cooking oil?

Yes, you can recycle any type of used cookingoil. Though only services commercial kitchens, here are a few options for you to recycle used cooking oil from your home kitchen.

How do I store used cooking oil?

Uranus Oil provides containers with RUCO labelon them. The used cooking oil vendor can safely store the oil in such containers and collect them.

How do I know when my cooking oil has expired?

There are a number of different signs to look for to determine whether your used cooking oil is spent, such as the taste, smell and colour of your food

Why shouldn’t I put cooking oil in the trash?

The simplest answer is that it is bad for the environment. Used cooking oil isn’t meant to be put into the garbage, and if it ends up in a landfill it can become harmful to the environment. It will also form a rancid smell and can cause serious plumbing issues if it is discarded down the drain. Cooking used cooking oil can be reused and repurposed in a number of different ways. Throwing it away is never a good option.

Who will pick up my cooking oil?

our service technicians will arrive with branded trucks with our logo on their uniforms. If you ever see someone pumping your oil bin and they are not readily identifiable as (Ingredients, our parent company) they are likely stealing your used cooking oil.

My business is growing. What if I need my UCO picked up more often?

Our automated pickup schedule is tied to a store’s average volume of used cooking oil produced, which ensures your tank doesn’t overflow and our trucks are efficiently routed.

Why does used cooking oil have value?

Used cooking oil, once properly processed, is a valuable commodity used in a number of consumer products. This used cooking oil can be processed and repurposed into biofuel, animal feed ingredients, as well as several common household or commercial products such as paints, solvents, cleansers, lotions, plastics, tires and more. As the demand for yellow used cooking oil (processed UCO) grows, so does its inherent value.

How much will I get for my used cooking oil?

Used cooking oil’s value is driven by demand,which is largely determined by biofuel and animal feed demand. The value of used cooking oil is highly driven also by the volume collected and the location of the vendor.

What is the mode of payment after Cooking Oil collection?

Uranus Oil largely endorses bank transfer paymentsof customers. Since there is a huge demand for payments through UPI/Google pay/ Phone Pay/ Paytym and Cash, we do use all of those mode of payments

When can the vendors expect to be paid for the supplied UCO?

Uranus Oil makes immediate payments to vendorsafter collection of UCO and verifying its quality. Under all circumstances, we do ensure that payments reach customers within 5 days of collection, provided the customers have invoiced us.

What kind of vehicles that Uranus Oil use to collect Used Cooking Oil?

Uranus Oil uses compact Electric vehicles (UranusEVs) to collect the used cooking oil. We also use our sophisticated trucks, larger vehicles for collection of UCO in larger quantities.

What is Uranus Entrepreneurship Drive?

Uranus Oil focuses on empowering youths as wellas people with entrepreneurial minds, in the nation. We invite entrepreneurs all over the nation to join us as Uranus Direct procurement Officers who can systematically enroll with us and get the Uranus authorization to collect used cooking oil in their localized territory, if the territory is not been controlled by any other Uranus Officers. People who are going us, as a part of our entrepreneurship drive can ensure that they get a steady stream of income as well as move our nation closer towards a sustainable and cleaner future.

Does Uranus Oil have a mobile application?

Yes,We do have a fully functional android mobileapplication where new customers can place requests as well as Uranus DPOs can update their procurement data.

What type of other wastes does Uranus aggregators use?

We are coming up with efficient plastic as wellas rubber waste management platforms in order to collect, recycle and convert them into products with commercial value .

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