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Member - Terms

These Terms and Conditions are based on the articles and Bye Laws of the Biodiesel Manufacturers Association of India (), as established by the membership by general vote. In case of any contradiction between the Terms and Conditions as displayed on this website and the bye laws, the bye laws will prevail.

A. Eligibility

Membership is open to all persons and organizations.

B. Start and Duration of Membership

Membership starts on the day payment of the membership has been received in the account.

Membership will last for the period as indicated in the subscription by the member. Duration can only be altered in case the member wants to become a member in a higher membership category or for a longer period.

In case payment for renewal of the membership has not been received, member’s access to will end one month after the due payment date.

Membership can be ended prior to the end date in cases mentioned under {E}.

C. Membership Fees

Membership fees will be paid by credit card or bank transfer via the ways indicated by.

Membership fees shall be set by the Committee. The Committee may create different categories of membership and variable levels of membership fees. Alterations to the categories of membership or the schedule of dues shall require a majority of the Committee.

D. Rights

Both individual and organizational members shall have the right to participate in programs and activities of, subject to the rules established by the Committee and the Association’s bye laws. In addition, individual members shall have various rights as mentioned in the bye laws 

Organizational and supporting members also are entitled to:

  • Have dedicated display room at Events
  • Have their logo and a short description about their organization on website
  • Other individual member benefits

E. End of Membership

The membership ends if the membership period has ended and the member has not renewed membership.

In case membership fees due are not paid, has the right to terminate the membership of the member involved.

In case a member deploys activities that may harm the interests of the significantly, or in case a member acts in a way that in severe contradiction with aims and nature, withholds the right to end the membership of the member involved.

Any member has the right to terminate his or her membership before the formal end of the membership period. Termination has to be sent in writing to the ( ) and does not constitute any right of reimbursement of membership fees.

End of membership, either at the end of the membership period or by intermediate termination does not constitute any right of reimbursement of membership fees.

Membership fees are non-refundable

F. Roles and Responsibilities of Members

The member will act in a manner which is within the legal bounds of the laws of the Country

Membership to dies not construe any permission or license to conduct business in India

It will be the absolute and sole responsibility of the Member to ensure that it has the necessary licenses and permissions to conduct its business

Payment of membership by the Member will construe be construed as an indemnification by the member toward against any or all losses (monetary or otherwise) caused by the member by its acts of omission and commission

Member will file yearly returns to of the Bio-diesel business carried out by it in the prescribed format. This information is solely for the purpose of to understand the Bio-diesel scenario in India and will be kept strictly confidential

Member will not use the logo, trade name, brand name of in any of its communications (Online or Offline) without the prior written permission of. This written permission will be given to use the name, logo only to indicate the membership to and no other purpose whatsoever

G. General Terms

Anything contained in these Terms to the contrary notwithstanding, the obligations of and Member shall be subject to all laws, present and future, of any government having jurisdiction over and Member including, without limitation, all laws and regulations. It is the intention of and Member that these terms and all referenced documents shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations in INDIA

These terms shall be construed and controlled by the laws of India without reference to conflict of laws principles. If any claim or dispute between the parties is not resolved by good faith negotiations, any suits or proceedings pursued by either party shall be brought in the Courts located in New Delhi, to whose jurisdiction each party hereby submits. The proceedings of which shall be conducted in English language only

These Terms of Membership will be updated from time to time as may be decided.

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